Horse Evolution

I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of media lately.

I started out with these fun colorful watercolor horses, using Uni Posca markers and watercolors.


Then a few made their way on to these pencil cases.


And some into stickers.


And finally I experimented with sewing them on to colorful paper backgrounds.


In my next post I’ll show you how easy it is for a horse to transform into a unicorn!



Washi tape fun

Not sure what to do with all that pretty washi tape?

Try this little activity.

  • Pick 3 colors
  • Randomly place a piece of tape on the page
  • Place a few more pieces, overlap and rotate the page
  • After 6 pieces of tape, try to find an animal
  • Maybe look for a tail or nose and build from there.
  • Now start filling in with tape and outline with a marker or pencil
    washi pig

Finishing up and framing!

I’ve been working on my photo editing skills in GIMP and I was finally happy with the results of the scanned files. This allowed me to order prints of various sizes online. I decided on square prints, I just prefer the square shape to the traditional 5×7 or 8×10. After the prints arrived I found some simple frames…..and here are the results! These guys are already on their way to a new home.










Christmas Already?

Experimenting with adding a Santa hat to the birds.


I’ve signed up to be in a craft fair in a few weeks. The last time I did a craft fair was before my kids were born! I plan to have watercolor characters for Christmas tree decorations. I’ll post some pics in the next few days.

I’ll be at OLV in State College on Saturday, December 2. Hope to see you there.


Let’s Draw Cats!

I’ve let summer and work get in the way of art and this blog. In between bike rides, I’ve squeezed in a little art time but certainly not enough. One idea that has been bouncing around in my head is sharing with others how easy it is to have fun and make art.

I’ve had several people ask me to have a class on how to make the little animals that I draw and paint, so I’ve put together some fun techniques for creating cute and crazy cats.

You definitely don’t need to be an artist or have any experience!! The goal of these exercises is to open your mind and see drawing from a new perspective. We aren’t going for hyper realistic drawings or paintings, if you want that you could just take a picture.

To get things started I planned some fun art techniques around cats. We are getting together this Thursday Oct. 12 and next Thursday Oct. 19.  I hope you can join, I think it will be lots of fun!

There are so many fun and unique drawing opportunities I couldn’t fit them in to one session, so there will be other classes utilizing different techniques and animals. (I am thinking dogs, rabbits, horses, and a few other surprises)

Let's Draw Cats