These blob animals are fun. Not sure what this little guy is but I thought he was pretty cute! For every cute one, there are several not so cute.


Sea horse/mouse?

Want to have some fun, try printing them out and drawing your own imaginary animal. What do you see?






Snowy Blue Day

What to do on a snowy Saturday? Practice your blob animals of course.

For these I start by painting around where the eye will go and then add some type of body. I make the paint very watery and then tilt the paper to see what happens. I don’t usually have an animal in mind when  I start. It usually appears as I move the paint around, although sometimes it waits to show itself until later when I start outling.

blue mouse

Paint blob before outlining, mouse maybe?

Here are a few that turned out ok, there were plenty more that were just plain ugly.

blue duck

Duck with a cape

blue bug

Scary bug

blue crow

Talkative blue bird





Not a great evening for drawing the other night. I was frustrated that I couldn’t even draw a cat and have it look like a cat. I guess it is just muscle memory or something, but after drawing rabbits and dogs, now my cats look more like rabbits.


Angry cat?rabbit?

So I tried some smudgy birds instead. The first step is to smudge some color on the paper and then draw the bird around the smudge, and of course using your wrong hand. That made me happy since it at least looked like a bird, maybe a little hunch backed bird but still a bird.


Tonight I am going to paint some blobs like the one below. I plan on doing rabbits, dogs and birds. They are fun because you aren’t quite sure what you will get. Once everything is dry, I use a black marker to outline and put in some details.


And you end up with something like this.




Rub a dub dub 3 ducks in a tub

It was suggested I try to put a duckling on a canvas panel, so I gave it a try this weekend. I wanted to make a birthday present for a biking friend and I finally came up with a good idea.

First I used some bike parts and spray ink to create a background. I practiced on paper first to make sure everything would go they way I had planned. I usually have a vision in my mind of what something should look like but unfortunately I rarely end up with that in the end.

After testing out the inks I discovered the purple spray bottle was horrible and blobby so I poured the liquid into one of my water spritzers and it worked a little  better, but still a little strong. I was hoping for a nice fine mist of color.


I found the bike parts in the garage and some felt hearts in one of my boxes of “supplies”.


I tried to keep the background light so the ducks would be more visible. Here is what I ended up with….not sure I am super happy with it. The marker didn’t work like I wanted and I had to go over it a few times so it doesn’t have that spontaneous fun line that you get when using your wrong hand.  The canvas is 18 inches by 6 inches.

20160117_125149-1 (1)


Duckling (again and again)

Ok so now I am obsessed with drawing this little duckling over and over! I’ve done about 20 left handed drawings of the little guy, and now I’ve taken to adding some color.

In these drawings the first step is to add pastel and smudge it. Then draw with your wrong hand. Give it a try! You can use any art material that will smear or smudge.

20160113_204906-1                      20160113_210258-1

Crazy Cats

I love doing blind contour drawings, you almost always get something that will make you smile.

It is so fun to open your eyes to see what is on the paper. This is a blind contour drawing that I did, and after opening my eyes I used my left hand (non dominant) to trace over again a few times in other colors.Then I added a little watercolor marker.


Give it a try…..find a picture of an animal you want to draw, do some outlines in the air to practice and then close your eyes and draw the outline. Try it a few times, but keep your eyes closed!

After you open your eyes try adding an eye or some other little detail.

Share them with me in the comments here or on my FB page, I would love to see them.