More to life than bunnies

There is more to life than bunnies! The purple blob cat shown below was also inspired  by Carla Sonheim’s blob animals. You can check out her blog here.

This cat is one of three, they were also an “accident” just like some of my other work. I didn’t like how dark the paint was on the block. I felt like if I tried to put a cat on the surface it wouldn’t be visible, so I put a thin layer of white paint on top, smearing and blobbing it on purpose.

I don’t draw the cat but rather use water and inks to create a shape. Once the ink is dry I outline with my trusty Uni Posca black paint marker. It is always fun to see what attitude appears as you put in the last few details. Another example of salvaging something that was “ruined”.



Teeny tiny cats. These didn’t turn out quite like I wanted. It’s my own fault, I didn’t prime the little canvases with gesso before I put the green paint down. (in a hurry I guess)

So the green paint wouldn’t completely cover the canvas and then I had the same problem with the brown ink and marker. They actually look pretty good in this picture, but not so much in real life. I kept trying to fix them with a brush marker, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to save these little guys. I did try painting over them with another color to start over but there was something weird about the surface of the canvas, so unfortunately they were retired to the trash.






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