Not a great evening for drawing the other night. I was frustrated that I couldn’t even draw a cat and have it look like a cat. I guess it is just muscle memory or something, but after drawing rabbits and dogs, now my cats look more like rabbits.


Angry cat?rabbit?

So I tried some smudgy birds instead. The first step is to smudge some color on the paper and then draw the bird around the smudge, and of course using your wrong hand. That made me happy since it at least looked like a bird, maybe a little hunch backed bird but still a bird.


Tonight I am going to paint some blobs like the one below. I plan on doing rabbits, dogs and birds. They are fun because you aren’t quite sure what you will get. Once everything is dry, I use a black marker to outline and put in some details.


And you end up with something like this.




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