Besides drawing bunnies and cats I end up drawing mandalas on almost anything, paper, walls, cups and plates. On the rocks pictured below, I used white ink and a dip pen. I have a love hate relationship with that pen, mostly hate but it is because I need much more practice using it.


Little pebbles from in front of the house.


I need to get to the beach  and find more smooth stones.

I follow a ton of people on Instagram that draw the most complicated and intricate mandalas, I can’t seem to get mine to be so complex, but I try to incorporate bits and pieces of others to keep things interesting.

Here is an example of a beautiful and complex mandala, I wish I could make something like that.

Here is a little pitcher I found at Goodwill. I am pretty happy with how this one turned out! Simple but elegant.


The example below is a lot of fun, it is done with a special marker (Elegant Calligraphy) and when you go over the lines with a wet paintbrush the ink spreads and has leaves behind bits of pink and purple.(you can’t quite see it in this picture) I love using this method, it is so much fun because you aren’t sure what you will get in the end.



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