Some New Canvases!

Working on some canvases this week. These two are finished, so I thought I would give you a little peek. I have a few in aqua of different sizes that are all painted and waiting for me to draw on them.

These are fun to make because of all the layers. First, there are two base coats, after these dry I drizzle paint around in swirls. These take quite awhile to dry.


The third layer is ink. I drop it on and then spray with some water and let it move around on the canvas. Then more drying time.


The fourth layer is some matte medium to keep the colors froms lifting if I erase or use some water to erase a mistake.


And the last layer is my lovely Uni Posca Black paint marker. Here is the whole piece. It is 18 x 6.


I also finished this pink one.


I use blue and purple ink on top of the pink paint. I got the paint at Lowe’s for $2. The picture came out a little light a tthe top, it is a dark pink throughout on the background.




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