More dogs – different materials

Still on the dog kick. I probably have a hundred or so, tiny little ones not bigger than a dime to a large one I painted on an old canvas. This little guy was done on gelli printed deli paper with Golden acrylic fluid paint. The paint dries and is feels “rubbery” and it makes it difficult to outline with the black marker (or I haven’t tried the correct type of marker yet)



New markers

Testing out some new brush pen that I ordered from JetPens a few weeks back. They are all from Japan. These will used to draw animals as they have a soft tip and can produce thin to thick lines depending on the pressure applied. I still need to pick a pen or marker to decorate the skull. I have some other markers that might be better for that job.


Testing the effects of water on each ink.


I like the purpley color that the Pilot ink makes when water is applied.