Horse Evolution

I’ve been experimenting with all kinds of media lately.

I started out with these fun colorful watercolor horses, using Uni Posca markers and watercolors.


Then a few made their way on to these pencil cases.


And some into stickers.


And finally I experimented with sewing them on to colorful paper backgrounds.


In my next post I’ll show you how easy it is for a horse to transform into a unicorn!



Washi tape fun

Not sure what to do with all that pretty washi tape?

Try this little activity.

  • Pick 3 colors
  • Randomly place a piece of tape on the page
  • Place a few more pieces, overlap and rotate the page
  • After 6 pieces of tape, try to find an animal
  • Maybe look for a tail or nose and build from there.
  • Now start filling in with tape and outline with a marker or pencil
    washi pig

Finishing up and framing!

I’ve been working on my photo editing skills in GIMP and I was finally happy with the results of the scanned files. This allowed me to order prints of various sizes online. I decided on square prints, I just prefer the square shape to the traditional 5×7 or 8×10. After the prints arrived I found some simple frames…..and here are the results! These guys are already on their way to a new home.










Mouse Evolution

It started with this little guy. I thought I wanted to make a little Christmas mouse out of wallpaper scraps. I found a pattern I liked and set to tracing, cutting and gluing. He was okay, but in the end I felt like I wanted something a little different.img_20170110_113110

So I started sketching and trying to come up with some kind of caricature. Here are some of the ideas I worked through.


Once I had a shape that I liked. I started roughly blobbing some ink on the page and after waiting for it to dry, I would draw the mouse. I liked this a lot! (Probably because that is how I did a gazillion dogs and cats.)


Eventually I ended up with a cute little mouse, that became part of my Christmas cards.


This little guy is missing his tail!