Inktober Week 2

I’ve been making time to do a small ink sketch every day for the month of October. Here are the results from week 2.


Quick little sketch before going to sleep. Still in my crosshatching faze.


Not sure if it is a cat? or mouse? but I thought it was cute.


I liked this tree, I dropped some ink on the page and then used canned air to move the ink and make branches.


Practicing with different water soluble pencils. Most of these little guys are not so pretty. Carla Sonheim practice exercise.


Just a little doodle that started to morph and change, I kept adding to it and in the end I really liked it!


Practicing with some pencils from Stabilo. They write like a pencil but are water soluble. Very inexpensive too! They write on glass and most surfaces.


Practicing with water soluble markers and doing an exercise from Carla Sonheim. 


More dogs – different materials

Still on the dog kick. I probably have a hundred or so, tiny little ones not bigger than a dime to a large one I painted on an old canvas. This little guy was done on gelli printed deli paper with Golden acrylic fluid paint. The paint dries and is feels “rubbery” and it makes it difficult to outline with the black marker (or I haven’t tried the correct type of marker yet)


Lots o Puppies

Scanned in a bunch of the dog drawings and cleaned them up a little in Gimp. Trying to decide which to make into prints.

Some of them make me laugh, they have such a personality. Here they are all in my DropBox. (It was the only way I could see them all in one place.) My favorite is 24 and 18. I may need to delete 23 and 14 they look a little angry.

Fullscreen capture 3212016 113358 AM.bmp


Reminds me of a happy puppy!



I usually have an image in my head but can’t seem to get it out on paper. I’ve learned that I can draw it over and over again tweaking this or that and eventually I am happy with comes out of my hand. It just comes down to having enough time in the day to keep drawing vs. going to work and sleeping and all the other chores of life.

What most people don’t see is the 100 rabbits or 2oo cats I drew before I started liking them. That is why I thought I would include some of the many dogs I’ve been working on lately…..make sure to scroll to the bottom to see the 1% of success!

Right now I am trying to replicate a certain dog. I’ve made some cute dogs, but out of the 100 I’ve drawn maybe 3 look like the picture. But once I got a few that I liked I started realizing the features that I needed to include in the drawing to make it be successful.

Here are just a few of the many dogs I’ve been drawing the last few days.

dog1 blog

Wrong hand drawing with watercolor added. I have a ton of these, because they are so fun to do! Some actually look just like the little guy below, I just didn’t scan all of them. On these I was working on the ears and shading.

Fullscreen capture 3162016 34817 PM.bmp



These are on 5×7 watercolor paper. I have tons of these, just trying to make different kinds of dogs. This was before I started the project below.

dog2 blog

This is a 14×11 piece of card stock from the craft store, there are more dogs on the top of the page but they didn’t all get scanned in.

So here is what I was trying to make.

Fullscreen capture 3162016 35639 PM

And I think I finally got somewhere! Here is my 1%.


Watercolor maker and waterbrush, once it dries I draw the outline with my wrong hand.


Pastel pencil and then smudged with my finger and then drawn wrong handed.



It seems everyone has new puppies, so I thought I would spend my few free moments working on some quirky little dogs. It’s been a busy week and not much time to write or do artwork.

It’s really easy to let things go and say, “I’ll make something tomorrow”. I have to push myself to use the 30 minutes here or there instead of waiting for a big chunk of time. You can get a lot accomplished in just 30 minutes!

I made some blobby watercolor dogs, about 10 in total. Here is one that I thought was cute.


I used my water soluble black brush marker and then added water with a paintbrush. The first few I tried turned out too dark as I was too heavy with the water. Eventually after about 10 or so, I ended with a few that I liked.


Everyone is happy to see a puppy right? As long as you can give it back to it’s owner when you are done playing 🙂


This last one is my favorite! I might make this one into a print.