Door is done!

My fingers are still sore, but I think the door looks great! I want one like this in my house now.



Before grouting.



10 hours later

10 hours later and a few sore and cut fingers, the door is ready to grout! I only had one bottle of glass glue and when I was finished I had about a teaspoon left.


Glass on Glass

Spent a little time last night gluing glass. There are 15 rectangles in the door. I finished two last night and one this morning. I have the sniffles and meant to sleep in but Erik thought I forgot to set my alarm and was nice enough to wake me up at 5:30am. So since I couldn’t go back to sleep I made the best of the morning.


I use a special glue for glass on glass mosaics. It is called MAC Glue. When I posted my pic to Instagram and saw the hashtag already existed, I was excited. Cool I thought, I can look through some nice artwork and see what other people are making, well #macglue is also a product for gluing on eyelashes!


Only 12 more rectangles (6ish hours) to go and then it will be time to grout!