Watercolor birds

Working on these little guys. They make me laugh. I should have prints available in my Etsy shop soon. I’ll post a link when they are ready.



Moving on from Bunnies & Puppies

Unfortunately, a new job and the holidays have cut into my blogging time. The good news, I have still been doing some art and have been toying around with drawing this cute little guy. The background is layers of gesso and fluid acrylics from Trekell Art Supplies. The outline of his body is with a black stabilo pencil. I am still having fun experimenting with these and I love the effect when you add water.


I have a Christmas card that this character also appears on. I’ll upload that guy in the next few days.


I haven’t been very productive with creating art lately. I blame it on my mountain bike and watching too many videos of other people making art.

I made this purple heart the other day while I was watching a movie. I had no idea what I was going to make. The first step was to just make some purple marks. I started doodling with the black marker and eventually I had this heart shape.IMG_20160821_203107


Here are a few new doodles on deli paper (that was printed with a gelli plate).



Blue Dogs

I’ve been experimenting with layers and mixed media lately, it’s messy and I am not sure I like the look. I had some fun over lunch the other day, getting back to basics making some blue and green dogs with Daler Rowney inks and water. I’ve included some before and after shots below, so you can see how they develop. I have so much fun making them!



I usually fill the page with dogs and then wait for them to dry so I can outline with a Uni Posca or dip pen, and of course while I am waiting for them to dry I do a whole other page in another color.

Here’s a before and after. I like the crooked bumpy dogs best, they have a lot more character when it is time to outline.



I did a whole page of light green too. Here is one little guy.


A whole page of goofy puppies! I especially like the one in the lower right.




New Art Supplies

New art supplies are fun and offer the promise of better art work, right? Just like buying new running shoes makes you run faster!

I’ve been experimenting trying to use more color and layers in my art.  I’ve been doing this because one of our class assignments is to try and find our own style. I feel like I mostly copy the look of Carla Sonhiem so I’ve been trying to do other things and find out what I prefer.

I like the look of all the colors and layers but when I draw something I tend to stick with simple lines and colors. Is it because I don’t know how to do the layers? am I too lazy to do all that work? or is my style more pen and ink? I guess I am still working on figuring that out.

Here are some attempts at using more color in my animals.


I did this guy with my left hand and an eye dropper. I really liked him when he was just on the white background. Not sure I like him as much now.


Using the fancy crayons and a little gesso. I thought the eyes turned out okay.


Glad I got a picture of this guy. I tried to put a matte gel over top and the whole thing smeared. 


Tried out a new pencil (Stabilo pencil) with my left hand on this guy. I like the pencil, it’s similar to a grease pencil but it can be activated by water. It goes on smooth and activates easily with water or gel. But see how boring the background is?

Gelli Plate

I skipped doing my “homework” from my art class this week (I didn’t like the assignment LOL), feeling guilty for not doing some artsy stuff, I decided to get out my Gelli Plate. It was much more fun to make these prints than do my homework!

I had stumbled across a tutorial page with stencils and mixed media journal pages and knew that using the Gelli Plate was an alternative to quickly fill a page with a colorful background.

A Gelli Plate is a printing plate that is a lot of fun and comes in different sizes and shapes. It does feels a little bit like jello (although much sturdier) and is advertised as a method of creating monoprints without a press.

You can print on any type of paper or with the proper type of paint you can print on cloth.IMG_20160623_205457

Here is a link demonstrating how to do it.  You can find lots of people creating beautiful pages on YouTube too. My problem is what to do with all these papers!?

I received a little notebook a few months ago and I had been trying to decide what to use it for. Lately I’ve come across some images of people creating tiny little journals, like only 1 inch by 1 inch and while I find them very intriguing I am not sure I am ready to start making those too! But it gave me an idea for what to do with this notebook.IMG_20160623_205516

My plan is to fill the pages of the notebook with prints and then use it for doodling. It’s small size will make it easy to carry and use when waiting at the doctor’s office or sitting on a plane.IMG_20160623_205709 (1)

And just in time this blog post came out describing how to use vegetables with your Gelli Plate. I only have a few stencils so these ideas will help add variety.  I also need to take the time to create some simple stencils and printing tools.


This is done on deli paper.