10 hours later

10 hours later and a few sore and cut fingers, the door is ready to grout! I only had one bottle of glass glue and when I was finished I had about a teaspoon left.



New Mosaic Project

Started a new mosaic project last night. Usually I do old windows and doors and they are just for decoration, but this time it is a real functioning door! This is going to be a fun project and look really sharp when it is returned to the owner’s house.


Cutting glass and spreading out the colors.

Needless to say I feel a little pressure to get this done quickly, as the door keeps the dogs and cat in their special room while their adults are out of the house.


My friend Linda is helping to cut glass, she recently learned how to do glass mosaic and I thought this would be good practice for her. (plus some extra help for me!)

We still have a little more glass to cut (the fast part) and then we need to start placing the pieces before we glue them.


The time consuming part of arranging everything just so.