Mouse Evolution

It started with this little guy. I thought I wanted to make a little Christmas mouse out of wallpaper scraps. I found a pattern I liked and set to tracing, cutting and gluing. He was okay, but in the end I felt like I wanted something a little different.img_20170110_113110

So I started sketching and trying to come up with some kind of caricature. Here are some of the ideas I worked through.


Once I had a shape that I liked. I started roughly blobbing some ink on the page and after waiting for it to dry, I would draw the mouse. I liked this a lot! (Probably because that is how I did a gazillion dogs and cats.)


Eventually I ended up with a cute little mouse, that became part of my Christmas cards.


This little guy is missing his tail!


Moving on from Bunnies & Puppies

Unfortunately, a new job and the holidays have cut into my blogging time. The good news, I have still been doing some art and have been toying around with drawing this cute little guy. The background is layers of gesso and fluid acrylics from Trekell Art Supplies. The outline of his body is with a black stabilo pencil. I am still having fun experimenting with these and I love the effect when you add water.


I have a Christmas card that this character also appears on. I’ll upload that guy in the next few days.

Dogs? Chickens? Cows?

I don’t have anything against dogs, and I’ve tried doing some cows and chickens too, but cats are just so much more fun easier.

20151011_153410 (1)

I need to practice making more dogs!

If I show someone a bunny or a kitten, they tell me can you do a “such and such” they are my favorite, why don’t you do a (dog, chicken, pig, cow)???To be honest I haven’t worked at making many other animals yet, and I am afraid I will have a mini obsession with pigs or cows, like I did with bunnies. Once I start drawing them it is hard to stop.

Plus, when I switch animals like say from cat to dog, I am always afraid my dog will turn out looking like a cat. I have to remember to do the ears and nose differently and when I make the switch from cats to dogs, the first few dogs are kinda cat like in their appearance.



First attempt at a cow.

I played aound with cows for a few days, I think if drew as many cows as I did cats I would eventually find something about them that I liked. I just need more practice, or more time to practice. Did you ever notice how big a cow’s forehead is? and that a cow’s eyes are right by its ears? These are things you start to notice if you look at a lot of cows on google.



Chicken made with inks and Uni Posca marker.

I’ve been having fun with the chickens, I usually laugh to myself as I finish them up. I just find them so funny. They are always walking around trying to look important with their scrawny necks and bony knees.


Mice are cute too (when they aren’t in your house chewing your walls and pooping on the counter).


Maybe I should practice more pigs too? or is this a dog? The face says pig but the tail says dog. To be honest I think this may have been a non-dominant hand drawing in the truck while Erik was driving.



Well there is no mistaking this one……